March 26, 2024 — Charlotte Pennington

With its varied landscape consisting of picturesque beaches, sprawling deserts, and majestic mountains, California is the perfect spot for a camping trip by yourself or with your loved ones. If you want to make the most of your camping trip, you’ll need to pack according to the region you’ll be visiting. 

Being a local lifestyle clothing brand, we know the ins and outs of California and are here to help you out with a comprehensive guide to comfy camping outfits for the different terrains the Golden State has to offer. Let’s dive in!

A Beach Camping Trip

A woman wearing a linen top and pants at the beach


A visit to the sun-soaked beaches of Cali is a must if you’re in the state. Whether you’re planning on lounging on the sandy shores or challenging the big Pacific Ocean waves, you’ll need the appropriate beach camping outfits for an enjoyable experience. Opt for women’s camping outfits made of lightweight, breathable fabrics such as linen. Women’s linen shirts, linen joggers, and linen shorts are versatile so you can wear them as-is or use them as a cover-up after your swim. Remember to carry other essentials such as beach sandals, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

A Desert Camping Trip

A woman wearing cowboy boots and denim standing in a desert


The deserts of Cali are hot and dry but they can also turn as chilly as 35°F (1.7 °C) in the winter. So, you need to choose women’s camping outfits that offer a blend of sun protection and breathability. Beach camping outfits such as long-sleeve women’s button-down shirts and casual linen pants will offer ample coverage and adaptability to changing temperatures. Carry an additional lightweight UV parka jacket, a couple of women’s comfy hoodies or sweatshirts (for night or if you’re visiting during winter), a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, a desert scarf, sunscreen, and sports shoes for complete protection.

A Mountain Camping Trip

A woman in a cargo jumpsuit in front of a tree


The mountains of California demand women’s camping outfits that are warm, durable, and offer protection against the elements. Layering is key, so carry some basic tees that you can wear underneath sweatshirts, hoodies, and tops. While you should carry a pair of durable jeans or comfy cargo pants for hiking, you’ll also need cozy fleece sweatpants or joggers to keep you warm at higher altitudes. Additionally, pack outerwear such as a waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, merino wool socks and a scarf, gloves, and a warm beanie.

Shop Comfy Camping Outfits from Cali1850

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California offers a wealth of adventures, and by selecting the right women’s camping outfits you can ensure that you’re prepared to take in the exhilarating sights and make unforgettable memories no matter where you go.

At Cali1850, we offer high-quality mountain, desert, and beach camping outfits designed for all thrill-seekers who desire adaptability and versatility. They’re made with durable materials and deliver unmatched comfort at all times. Explore our collections of women’s comfy clothes today and enjoy functionality with style on your camping trip!

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