At Cali1850, our mission goes beyond our high-quality women’s comfy clothing. We want you to embrace your unique story with laidback styles that feel comfortable and fill you with confidence. Our collections of urbanwear and relaxing clothes are designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, explore the unknown, and express yourself without restraint. Diversity, inclusivity, and individuality are at the heart of who we are, and we’re proud to be a brand that fosters a safe space for self-expression and adventure.

Where Fashion Meets Freedom

Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in the California lifestyle, where the sun meets the sand and the waves meet the shore. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of California beaches, mountains, lakes, and the big city scenes, our women’s fashion is designed to reflect the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Southern California. We’ve infused the warmth of the sun, the rhythm of the ocean, and the urban horizon in every garment to give you a collection that celebrates simplicity and your free spirit.

Timeless Clothing for Endless Adventures

We’re fascinated by the timeless joy of catching a sunrise at the beach, chasing the waves at dawn, or hitting the city streets, and use it to fuel our creativity for creating casual clothing that will look and feel fresh no matter how many seasons go by. From the relaxed fit of our beach-inspired clothing to the soft embrace of our relaxed urban wear, every piece is designed to enhance the ordinary moments of life and turn them into an opportunity for telling your story. Explore our collections now, and we hope our clothing will serve as an extension of your personality wherever you go.