Women’s Casual Wear

A classic design, quality construction, and comfortable fit—our bestsellers check all the boxes. From the everyday, high-rise skinny jeans to the essential khaki work pants, these pieces have been designed to flatter your shape, complement your personal style, and make dressing up for the day an effortless task. Add our most popular staples to your wardrobe today and indulge in the soft feel of these relaxing clothes for many years down the line.

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A woman wearing yellow skinny jeans at the beach

A Wardrobe That Never Goes Out of Style

Women’s casual wear from Cali1850 has been designed to be worn season after season. These are elevated basics that act as the foundation for a versatile, evergreen wardrobe that will serve you no matter how many trends pass by. Mix and match our various pants and tops and use the magic of layering with our jackets to create endless everyday looks that exude California chic.

A woman wearing khaki pants in front of a Dana Point mural

Straight From the Golden State

There are a few things California is known for—the abundant natural beauty, the sand & the surf, the bustling Hollywood scene, and the laid-back fashion aesthetic. At Cali1850, we draw inspiration from everything that makes California great, so no matter where you live, you can enjoy relaxing clothes infused with the Cali sunshine. Explore our women’s casual wear collections for women’s cozy loungewear as plush as clouds, linen wear as flowy as the coastal breeze, and other wardrobe staples.


How to dress casually but look smart?

If you want to look put-together even while wearing casual clothes, it’s essential to own a few classics such as solid tees, straight-leg jeans, sweatpants & sweatshirts, and linen joggers in neutral colors. Choose quality fabrics and relaxed silhouettes for that premium feel.

Where can I wear casual clothes?

Women’s casual wear can be worn to outings, while running errands, at home, on relaxed coffee dates, gatherings with friends, and so much more. With the right selection of casuals, you’ll have a versatile closet ready for every day.

How can I dress more relaxed?

To dress relaxed, avoid flimsy clothes that will go out of trend in a few months. Instead, dress in basics that are made with high-quality fabrics and have a smart construction that looks casual without being slouchy.