Ladies’ Comfy Clothes

At Cali1850, we’re always working hard to expand our collections of women’s casual wear with quality clothing made from the coziest materials and in styles that celebrate your individuality. Our newest arrivals have everything from comfy lounge clothes to smart, casual everyday clothes—all featuring the same seamless construction and comfortable fabrics that we’re known for. Upgrade your wardrobe with fresh colors, fun designs, and timeless styles inspired by the effortless vibes of fashion straight from the streets of California!

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Serving Your Unique Style Needs

Let your clothes speak for you by choosing Cali1850 for all your fashion needs. From easy-to-style cozy sweatpants and crewneck sweatshirts to breezy linen beach pants and shirts, we’re here to prepare your wardrobe for all seasons and adventures. Our ladies’ comfy clothes are timeless, so even as trends come and go, you’ll have a collection of casual and sophisticated outfits that will exude quiet luxury every time you wear them. Shop new women's fashion at Cali1850 now!

Woman wearing a brown linen shirt at the beach

Where Life Meets Fashion

At Cali1850, we’re firm believers in wearing clothing that can adapt to our day-to-day life, whether it’s a chill day at home or an adventurous day outdoors. Our ladies’ comfy clothes are inspired by the tranquil landscape and bustling city life of California, bringing the best of both for versatile pieces that feel alive and act as an authentic expression of your unique style sensibility. Discover cozy winter clothing in our Cloud Collection and Sherpa Collection, stay work-ready with our Work Pants collection, or find the perfect everyday jeans in our Daydream Jeans collection!


How to look stylish in loungewear?

Dressing stylish in comfy lounge clothes begins with shopping for high-quality materials. Look for matching sets of cozy fleece or Sherpa loungewear, so it builds a coordinating, put-together look. Always dress according to your personal style, whether it’s sophisticated plain solids or whimsical prints.

How to shop for ladies’ comfy clothes?

There are a few things to consider if you’re looking for women’s comfy clothes such as fabric quality, construction, silhouette, fit, comfort, and versatility. Don’t go with trendy, quickly-made clothing that won’t last beyond a season. Instead, opt for timeless apparel like solid sweatshirts and pants, classic jeans, and linen wear of high quality.

How often should I shop for new women's fashion?

If you’re the type to invest in quality, timeless clothing, you can refresh your wardrobe with new pieces a couple of times a year once you already have the essentials. If you want to stay on top of your fashion game, you may want to refresh every season. Ultimately, it’s all about your personal preference!