A woman wearing a white linen shirt and yellow drawstring linen shorts

Drawstring Linen Shorts

Cali1850’s beach linen shorts are a summer staple, designed for sun-soaked adventures by the shore and the city. They’re made with high-quality linen, tailored into a timeless silhouette that offers movement, breathability, and unmatched comfort. The drawstring waist results in a fitted look, making these linen shorts perfect as a beach cover-up or daily wear with women’s button-down linen shirts. Shop the collection now and enjoy free same-day shipping on your order!

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A woman wearing a blue shirt and crop top with white beach linen shorts

Versatile, Cali-Approved Linen Shorts

Drawstring linen shorts may seem suitable just for the beach. But we embrace the relaxed vibe of coastal life even in the urban jungle of Hollywood, which is why our quality linen clothes have been designed to be versatile and adapt to your day’s needs. Use them as a post-swim cover-up, throw them on with a crop top for your volleyball match, or pair them with a matching linen shirt for your escapades in the city. No matter the setting, these linen shorts will keep you looking chic and feeling comfy.

A woman wearing black linen pants and a tank top

Timeless Clothing for the Adventurous Souls

For those who live every day as an adventure, clothing is more than just fabric. It’s a vessel for memorable times, the spirit of exploration, and self-expression. At Cali1850, we craft clothing with a purpose. Our drawstring linen shorts, women’s comfy tops, women’s everyday pants, and other collections are designed with intention, to accompany you on your daily adventures and fill you with confidence every time you put them on. Embark on your next adventure now by exploring our Cali-inspired clothing!


How can I style beach linen shorts?

Linen shorts are ideal for casual looks and can be paired with linen shirts, tank tops, and cropped or regular tees for looks that are appropriate for both the beach and a casual outing in the city. Keep your jewelry minimal and opt for casual footwear.

Where can I wear drawstring linen shorts?

Linen shorts are versatile and can be worn to various occasions such as beach days, casual lunches, picnics, strolls, and at home as loungewear. Avoid wearing them to semi-formal or even business casual settings.

How do I care for linen shorts?

Linen shorts are delicate and must be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and tumble-dried on a low setting to prevent them from losing their shape, color, and softness. Avoid using bleach and hot irons on linen shorts.