A woman running on the beach in linen pants

Linen Beach Pants

Embrace a laid-back, coastal lifestyle with casual linen pants from Cali1850. Made with the softest, most luxurious linen, these everyday women’s pants are a must-have for the beach. The lightweight fabric, relaxed fit, and elastic drawstring waistband ensure you can move freely while looking effortlessly chic. Shop your favorite colors, patterns, and prints!

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 A woman standing on rocks by the beach in lounge pants

High-Quality Beach Lounge Pants

Need something versatile you can wear from the beach to hit the town? These linen beach pants are here for you! They’re soft, lightweight, and breathable, making them the perfect attire for your beach escapades. Style them with your favorite cropped tee or linen shirt, and you’ll be ready for casual outings.

We use the highest-quality linen to stitch these pants, so they'll last for many seasons to come. Show off your love for the beach life in style!

A woman sitting on a bench in front of a store in casual linen pants

Timeless, Coastal-Inspired Clothing

At Cali1850, we love the California lifestyle and create women’s clothing that captures its free-spirited vibes. From elevated basics to linen beach pants and versatile streetwear, our collections are designed to offer the right blend of fashion, comfort, and durability.

Each of our pieces are designed with your daily adventures in mind. Whether your plans involve catching waves at the beach, exploring the streets, chilling at the bar with your friends, or simply lounging at home, we have something for you. Explore our beach loungewear now and discover clothing that reflects your style.


Can you wear linen pants to the beach?

Linen pants are an excellent choice of attire for the beach! Linen is a breathable fabric that maintains air circulation to keep you cool even on a hot day. Linen beach pants also dry very quickly, making them the perfect cover-up so you can enjoy the water without worrying about staying wet.

Do linen pants shrink after washing?

Linen clothing is prone to shrinking by 4% on average during the first wash but Cali1850’s casual linen pants have been treated to prevent post-wash shrinking. We highly recommend following our care and wash instructions to ensure your linen pants retain their original shape and size.

How do you style linen pants?

Linen pants are quite easy to dress up or down for different occasions. Pair your beach lounge pants with a cropped tee or tank top for a casual and summery look. You can also layer an unbuttoned linen shirt on top to protect from the sun and stay warm on chillier days or evening walks along the beach.