March 05, 2024 — Charlotte Pennington

Spring is the best time to experience the beauty of the Golden State. The weather is moderate with sunny days and pleasant nights, and there is no fog or humidity to deal with along the coast. California’s ecosystem is varied, so depending on the region you’re visiting, you may even get to enjoy a spring ski vacation.

Whether you’re planning to hit the beach, explore the city, or appreciate the Cali landscape from a mountaintop, you need to pack your spring vacation outfits accordingly to make the most of your getaway. Here are a few packing tips and California spring break outfit ideas to help you get started on the right foot.

What to Pack for Beach Vacation

a woman wearing a blue linen shirt on the beach

California’s pristine beaches in Santa Monica, Malibu, and San Diego are a tourist magnet and draw in large crowds during spring break. If you’re visiting the southern coast to catch some sunshine, you’ll need to pack swimwear along with light summer clothing for beach spring break outfits, such as women’s linen button-down shirts and pants, tank tops, basic short-sleeve tees, breezy linen dresses, and linen skirts. You can also carry shorts to show off your legs, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen beforehand!

What to Pack for City Vacation

A woman wearing a black cropped top and black pants

Planning to city-hop and experience the vibrant culture of California? You’ll want spring break outfit ideas that can adapt to fluctuating temperatures (ranging from 50°F (10°C) to 70°F (21°C)) and transition from daytime sightseeing to nightlife adventures. Pack a mix of women’s comfy hoodies, a couple of your favorite everyday pants, comfy cargo pants, an all-weather jacket, warm Sherpa joggers, and linen basics for layering. For footwear, opt for casual, comfortable shoes.

What to Pack for Mountain Vacation

two girls wearing Sherpa sweatshirts outside

California’s mountains are a riot of colors during spring with lush greenery and blooming flowers blanketing the terrain, but temperatures can range from 30°F (-1°C) to 60°F (15°C). For your mountain adventures, your spring break outfit ideas would have to focus on warmer clothing and smart layering. Carry basics that you can layer under fleece or Sherpa clothing. A puffer jacket is a must for colder temperatures. If you want to ski, carry appropriate athletic wear and gear. Don’t forget to pack a pair of sturdy hiking boots!

Discover California in Chic Clothing From Cali1850

A woman sitting on a chair wearing a white pullover and skinny jeans

While exploring the wonders of California, your spring vacation outfit should not only be versatile enough to adapt to the ever-changing weather but also reflective of your personal style.

At Cali1850, we offer high-quality women’s comfy clothing inspired by the urban and coastal life of Cali. They’re timeless, classic styles tweaked for the modern woman who wants to feel comfortable while also being fashionable. Explore our collection now and put together chic beach spring break outfits to enhance your vacation.

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