June 24, 2024 — Charlotte Pennington

The California Girl isn’t just a fashion aesthetic but a lifestyle. Organic fabrics, flowy silhouettes, classic designs, and a relaxed attitude define this quintessential look. It’s all about effortless elegance and seamless transition between seasons and occasions. If you’ve been wondering what kind of outfits for the California style you should have in your wardrobe, you’ve come right to the experts!

At Cali1850, we’re all about that laid-back California fashion that prioritizes comfort and versatility. Our clothes are an honest reflection of the free-spirited vibe of Californians. In this guide, we’re sharing some of our best tips for Southern California-style clothing that you can follow to dress like a Cali girl, whether you’re from the Golden State or not. Let’s dive in!

Stick to Comfortable Casuals

Woman on stairs wearing a green hoodie and denim shorts

Comfort is key when dressing like California girls. We love investing in elevated basics that are chic but also easy to wear. This means choosing casual wear with relaxed fits, soft fabrics, and elasticated waistbands to really amp up the comfort level. For California fashion, we also pay close attention to durability. Wardrobe staples are an investment for us, so we stay away from poorly-made clothes that will fall apart after a few wears.

Choose Natural Fabrics

Woman wearing a brown linen shirt and white shorts and a cropped tee

Breathability is an essential factor for ensuring the comfort of your California outfits. Natural materials, such as cotton and linen, are staples in every Cali girl’s wardrobe, not only because they’re sustainable but also because of their breeziness and comfort. They’re super lightweight and breathable, which is ideal for the West Coast lifestyle. Check out our Linen Collection for airy, high-quality linen clothes.

Embrace Classic Styles

Woman wearing a blue linen skirt and a beige crop top

In California, we don’t swap out our existing clothes for the latest styles after every season. Why? Because we invest in timeless clothing that won’t lose its appeal over time. Think classic clothes like women’s linen button-down shirts, tiered linen maxi skirts, casual beach dresses, boyfriend sweatshirts, and cozy hoodies. All you need is a few of these Southern California-style clothing to unlock numerous outfit combinations!

Master the Art of Layering

Woman next to a pool wearing white linen pants and a cropped tee and a light blue shirt

California’s diverse landscape has taught us how to adapt to the fluctuating temperatures and that’s by layering. Throwing on a lightweight jacket or shirt over a basic tee is all we need to stay comfortable and stylish when the morning chill settles into the afternoon warmth. If you want to embrace California fashion, you simply have to master layering. It’s one of the easiest ways to add versatility to your outfits for the California Girl style.

Rock the Denim

Woman in a desert wearing denim shorts, denim jacket, and a white cropped tee

While linen is a common sight on the beaches of Cali, our city streets are packed with Californians rocking their denim ensembles, whether it be a classic pair of women’s jeans, denim shorts, a chic denim jacket, or a head-to-toe denim look. After all, these are comfortable, durable, and versatile pieces that are easy to dress up or down. Just ensure you select the right jeans for your body type!

Keep It Carefree and Boho-Chic

Woman wearing a white linen tiered maxi dress

California fashion is heavily influenced by the boho style, especially in the coastal regions. It perfectly encapsulates the laidback charm that permeates the West Coast. We Cali girls own at least one flowy maxi dress and maxi skirt in our wardrobes. They’re easy to style with ankle-length boots for the city and with sandals for a beach outing. When it comes to accessories, you simply can’t do without a few pieces of boho-chic jewelry, featuring beads and tassels.

Wear With Confidence

Woman wearing a denim cargo skirt with a black cropped tee

While what you wear is an important part of California fashion, it’s also how you wear it that truly defines the outfits for the California Girl style. Whether you’re wearing your favorite fleece sweatshirt and cozy sweatpants or a smart shirt with work pants, having a confident attitude is key to pulling off the look with perfection. So, stand tall and wear your Southern California-style clothing with pride!

Ready to embrace the effortless charm of California fashion in your wardrobe? Check out our women’s clothing for quality, Cali-inspired pieces, and shop today for free same-day US shipping!

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With a strong belief in using fashion as a means for self-expression, Charlotte Pennington helps individuals embrace their unique personal style and showcase it through their clothing choices. From her early days flipping through fashion magazines to her adventures scouring thrift shops for hidden gems, fashion has always been her muse. Shaped by California’s iconic and relaxed fashion influences and armed with a pen and a keen eye for trends, Charlotte now shares her love for fashion through her writing.